FasTrac Cultrual & Diversity Awareness Program

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Donna Hirst                                               Hawkeye Title & settlement/ Steve C Anderson Attorney at law P.L.C
West Wind Education Policy                      Mike & Sherry McKay
Leora Houghton                                        Charles & Karen Eastman
Brian L Wheeler                                        Steven & Nan Trefz
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Brian or Susan Lehmann                           Lee & Bev Witwer
Elisabeth A Shane                                     Rotary Club Iowa city ( noon )
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Mary Nichols-Marshall                                Circe Stumbo
Mr Thomas J. Bailey                                   Dan Sabers & Family
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F Rusty Richardson
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Steven C Anderson Attorney at Law P.L,C
Outlaw Auto body
Joanne Frentz

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Rob & Maureen Hill                                    
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Therese McKenzie                                        City of Iowa City
James Throgmorton                                     M.C. Ginsberg
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                                                                    Robert Edie
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Mike & Brenda Tudor
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Our 2014-2015 Mentors
Iowa City Community School District:

Tim Casey
Mariah Carey
Dan Sabers
Daphne Foreman
Hamza Omar
Amy Kannelis
Maria Martin
Maureen Hill

Community Advisers & Supporters
Ellie Alberhasky
Susie and Milton Thurmond
Leora Houghton
Lee and Bev Witwer
Kit Gerkin ( Professor University of Iowa )
Cheryl Nelson ( CEO Iowa Realtor s )
Rachel Mummy
Doug Fern  ( The Spot - Parkview Church )
Therese McKensie
Cindy Roberts ( Grantwood association )
Marcia Bollinger  ( Iowa City Neighborhood Association )
Kingdom Ministry
Kenya Badgett
Erica  Bazemore
Rachel Gatewood ( University of Iowa Diversity & Enrichment )
 Chris Wyatt ( Juvenile Court Services )
(Taska Walters, Aaron Green) Cedar Rapids School District )
Jorey Bailey, Kevin Bailey ( Iowa City Police department )
Deborah Thornton
Donna Hirst
Stefanie Bowers ( Iowa City Human Rights )
Rev William Lovin ( United Congregational Church of Christ )

On the steps of First Avenue Baptist church with the mayor of Montgomery AL the students attended the Robert and Jean Graetz Symposium on human rights and reconciliation

Waiting to enter the Southern Law Center - Montgomery AL
Students @ the Robert and Jean Graetz Symposium on human rights and reconciliation- First Baptist Church - Montgomery AL
Southern Museum of flight Montgomery Al -Tuskegee Airman display activated 1941-1946- by the end of the war 992 men had graduated from Negro Air corps pilot training at Tuskegee , 450 were sent overseas for combat assignments, during the same period about 150 lost their lives while in training or on combat flights.These black airmen manage to destroy or damage over 409 German airplanes, 950 ground units, and sank a battleship destroyer, they ran more than 200 bomber escorts missions during WWII
Dr Martin Luther King Jr.'s first and only church - in Montgomery AL
Dr Martin Luther King Jr. preached from this pulpit ( Dexter Ave baptist church Montgomery AL
Students preparing to enter Dr Martin Luther King Jr home - Mont
Southern Museum of Flight Montgomery AL- teaching FasTrac students how to fly a plane
Mayor Todd Strange speaking at 1st Baptist Church - Montgomery AL
sign outside of Dr Martin Luther Kings Jr home he shared with his wife and kids when he was pastor @ Dexter ave baptist - Montgomery AL
       The First  Original FasTrac Men       ( The Originals )